Del. Gabriel Acevero

Delegate for District 39
People-Foused - Principled - Progressive

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About Gabe

Del. Gabriel Acevero is a State Delegate representing Maryland's 39th House district.


A community organizer and activist by trade, Gabe is known for his passionate approach to representing his district.  During his first term, Gabe fought for progressive policies such as criminal and juvenile justice reform, marriage equality, the Dream Act, environmental conservation, and Medicare-for-all.


Del. Gabriel Acevero has spent his time in Annapolis fighting for workers' rights, tenants rights, criminal justice reform, transportation and HBCU funding as well as direct cash assistance. Delegate Acevero also serves as the Vice Chair of Legislative Black Caucus and Treasurer for the Legislative Latino Caucus. He was the author and primary sponsor of "Anton's Law" one of the most robust legislative measures ever introduced in the General Assembly designed to promote transparency and accountability among law enforcement agencies.

Gabriel's Interview With the Young Turks

Gabe's Track Record of Success


Police Transparency  

 Author and primary sponsor of "Anton's Law" one of the strongest legislative measures ever introduced in the General Assembly designed to promote transparency and accountability among law enforcement agencies. The General Assembly passed Anton's Law as well as other police reform measures Delegate Acevero has been pushing that will fundamentally change the way policing is done in the state of Maryland.

Police Transparency 

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Immigration Reform  

Gabe Supported the Dignity Not Detention Act, which passed in 2021. The act prohibits Maryland jurisdictions from contracting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to detain undocumented people in their local jails. The landmark bill provides increased protections for undocumented immigrants.

Immigration Reform


Supporting District 39

Del. Gabriel Acevero supported bond measures that expanded parks and green spaces, as well as funding that supports and empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in District 39. 

Supporting District 39

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Blueprint for Maryland's Future 

Co-sponsored the "Blueprint for Maryland's Future," and the "Built to Learn Act", two bills that will transform public education in Maryland and ensure every student, regardless of race, income or zip code has a real shot at a world-class education through the pre-k expansion, higher pay and expanded career opportunities for teachers.

Educating Maryland's Youth

Public Transport Passenger


Del. Gabriel Acevero co-sponsored legislation promoting the expansion of public transit options in the state through increased capital and operational expenditures. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Delegate Acevero has been an advocate of increasing transportation funding.


Policy Platform 

Criminal Justice Reform

Del. Gabriel Acevero passed police transparency laws, and he continues to fight to end mass incarceration. 

Affordable Housing

Del. Gabriel Acevero will continue to advocate for preserving and increasing the supply of affordable rental housing.

Universial Healthcare

Del. Acevero believes healthcare is a human right. 

Debt-Free College

The total student loan debt in our country is $1.3 trillion and growing.  Gabriel believes every student should have the opportunity to attend public college without debt.  

Economic Justice

 Gabriel plans to revitalize the working class by raising the minimum wage and supporting unions.

COVID-19 Recovery

The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed the inadequacies in our system. Gabriel plans to help restructure education, the economy, healthcare, and transportation to benefit everyone in Maryland. 

Climate Change

Climate change is a real and urgent threat, so we need proactive environmental policy.

Public Transport

We need to build a affordable, robust public transport system that works for minority communities and our working class.